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When you first enter our funeral home, you are greeted by a warm and inviting environment. Our personalized Video  Information Board displays photos and the history of each decedent before you enter the visitation rooms.  Modern furnishings, a new chandelier, fireplace, and  area rugs are comforting and beautiful.  Our two foyer areas offer a place to relax, reminisce, and greet guests.


Video Information Board
Our unique "Video Information Board" is a personal way to introduce a loved one to the visiting public.  Two flat screen TV's hang above our hand carved fireplace with a sitting area to reminisce.

Video Information Board
A closer view of our Video Information Board

Foyer Chandelier
A 2007 renovation of our Front Foyer Area produced this warm and decorative chandelier. It is the first thing noticed upon entering the funeral home.

Front Foyer Area
Our Front Foyer Area is a great place to gather and greet visitors before entering the chapel.  Informative pamphlets and literature are available to read during visitation hours.

Interior Front Doors
A 1997 renovation of our front foyer made it much easier for handicapped and wheelchair access into our funeral home.  We are a barrier free facility emphasizing the needs of the families we serve.

Stained Glass Windows
These four 3' X 6' hand crafted stained glass windows beautifully line our hallway leading to our Arrangement Office and Selection Room.  Reverend Brian, formerly of St. Leo's RC Church in Elmwood Park, put our ideas to form.  Each of the four stained glass windows represent different things.  The first window is our logo, a rose encompassed by a diamond, to signify "Eternal Life".  The second window is the Tree Of Life, the third window's sunrise represents the beginning of a new day, and the last window, a dove, symbolizes peace.  Tranquility and symbolism surround these masterpieces, and are treasured fixtures of the Aloia Funeral Home's history.

Upper Foyer Area
Our upper foyer area houses our movable "Urn Display", and many of our urn merchandise.  Two of our four bathrooms are adjacent to this foyer, as well as our Children's Lounge.

Upper Foyer Area
Opposite view of the Upper Foyer Area

Urn Display
Our Urn Display is used for cremation memorial services at the funeral home or other places of worship.  Our staff places this display in the Visitation Rooms, and it is an elegant way to view the urn of a loved one during the visitation and service.  

Urn Merchandising
Some of our urns are tastefully displayed in our Upper Foyer Area.  We have incorporated the growing trend of cremation into our decor, and made it a part of our every day surroundings.